Stronger and More Durable Teeth In Just 3 Days

Basal implantology, also known as bicortical implantology or just cortical implantology is a new category with new broad indications and almost no limitations. Basal implantology replaces large fields of traditional implantology. Because basal implantology includes the application of the rules of orthopaedic surgery, it could also be categorised to be an “oral division of orthopaedic surgery.”

What is the Science Behind Teeth in 3 Days?

By using an advanced and revolutionary procedure known as basal implantology, Dipa Hospital anchors implants in cortical bones (hard bones) and ensures instant and long-lasting results.

Basal implants are a promising revolution in dental implant landscape and have an edge over traditional implant procedures. A basal implant can be placed right after removal of diseased teeth and minimizes the risk of complications. We Offer instant dentistry and implant services that are more reliable, economical and relatively simple than traditional dental surgeries and procedures.

Serving as a permanent solution to teeth loss, the instant dentistry services by Dipa Hospital, promises effective treatment of advance-stage, non-recoverable periodontal disease in just three visits. Also, the basal implants used in instant dentistry can be splinted to adjacent teeth ensuring more consistent and beautiful smile that promised by traditional procedures.