Zygomatic Implants Services at Dipa Hospital

Zygomatic Implants

Zygoma implants (or Zygomatic implants) are different from conventional dental implants in that they anchor in to the zygomatic bone (cheek bone) rather than the maxilla (upper jaw). They may be used when maxillary bone quality or quantity is inadequate for the placement of regular dental implants. Inadequate maxillary bone volume may be due to bone resorption as well as to pneumatization of the maxillary sinus or to a combination of both

Zygomatic implants have been used for dental rehabilitation in patients with insufficient bone in the posterior upper jaw, due to, for example, aging, tumor resection, trauma, or atrophy. Zygoma implants take the anchorage from the Zygoma/ zygomatic bone (cheek bone).The Zygomatic bone is denser in quality and more cortical in nature than posterior maxillary bone. Because of the sturdy anchorage achievable in the dense bone of the zygomatic region, and the wide stress distribution achieved on these tilted implants, a prosthesis can often be immediately placed at the time of surgery . Zygomatic implants can be used in patients who do not have any teeth in the upper jaw, patients who have heavily broken down teeth or very mobile teeth due to diseases such as generalized aggressive periodontitis. The success rate of zygomatic implants reported in the literature world-wide is 97 - 98%